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Mollie's Coddles is a Manchester-based natural skincare company, committed to developing health and beauty products that are plant-based and chemical-free.

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Mollie's Coddles is a Manchester-based natural skincare company. We’re committed to sharing our knowledge of how to make and use plant-based health and beauty products that are free from artificial additives. We offer workshops in making healthy and natural body and facial skincare products, one-to-one teaching sessions, talks and Party Treat mini-workshops.

With us, you’ll learn about how easy it is to make your own lovely skincare products, and how to have fun doing it! Find out about the qualities and health benefits of a sumptuous range of plant-based oils, butters, botanicals and natural waxes, and savour making and using your very own products.

Our workshops are small, no more than 12 people, so you’ll have lots of attention and support from our qualified teacher while you learn. You can also book a one-to-one learning session where you’ll be able to make products designed for your skin type, and you can book us for a Party Treat or Event Treat mini-workshop too!


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