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Rosehip By Jürgen Howaldt (Own work (selbst erstelltes Foto) Rosehip By Jürgen Howaldt (Own work (selbst erstelltes Foto) [GFDL (] via Wikimedia Commons

Magical Rosehip Serum

As Autumn gathers pace, it’s time to celebrate with walks through leafy woods, in those precious sunlit days before winter sets in. Our skin may be subject to both buffeting winds or late-season sun-bathing, so it’s a good time of year to whip up a nourishing, all-weather facial serum using one of the best-loved of ingredients, Rosehip oil.

Autumn is the season of rosehips. They form in the summer and ripen in the Autumn, forming red, orange, purple or black seed heads. As roses are from the same family as apples, both the hips and the rose petals are edible, and what’s of interest to us skincare Coddlers is that those rosehips are packed full of vitamins C, D and E plus B-carotene which is a form of vitamin A. All these are antioxidants, which you may remember reading about in a previous blog. Antioxidants help protect our skin from damage caused by external pollutants and UV light.

What else do these vitamins do? Well vitamin C is famously useful for fighting infection, and such is the content of vitamin C in rosehips, that during the war, children were issued with a special, rationed syrup of rosehips, to boost their immune systems. For the skin, vitamin C is responsible for collagen production, ensuring continuing skin elasticity and resilience, so this is something we want plenty of!

The vitamin A content of Rosehip oil is even more intriguing. You may have heard of retinol creams. Retinoids and retinol creams are designed to firm and thicken the skin, increase suppleness, even out skin discolouration and reduce the signs of wrinkles. Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives, and come from both animal and plant sources. They work by sloughing off dead skin cells at a very fast rate, and often result in initial peeling, reddening and burning sensations. Originally retinoid creams were for night use, but now they’re often found in all sorts of products including sun screens, day creams and lip sticks. For dermatologists, there’s a question mark over how safe retinoids are for day use, given that they promote the rapid uncovering and fast growth of new skin. This new skin is very vulnerable to sun damage, so many dermatologists recommend avoiding retinol creams for daytime application.

Not so our lovely Rosehip oil. This contains natural retinoids in the form of trans-retinoic acid or tretinoin (a precursor to vitamin A, so the body uses tretinoin, when applied to the skin, to produce natural vitamin A) As the content is both biologically recognisable to the body, and present in a low amount, it’s safe to use day or night, as often as you like. A word to the wise though, always buy cold-pressed Rosehip oil as this contains 7 times the amount of tretinoin than oils extracted via solvents.

Rosehip oil is one of those ingredients that everyone can use. Once pressed from the hips, the precious and fine oil can be applied to skin, where it penetrates deeply, leaving no greasy residue. It can help to promote skin healing from many types of damage including eczema, burns, dryness, wounds and scarring, due to its ability to promote the formation of new and healthy skin cells. It was prized by ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Native Americans, for its healing prowess, so why not join the ancients in celebrating this gorgeous natural ingredient and have a go at this month’s recipe for a healthy and glowing Autumn complexion?

You will need

  • 10ml bottle with pipette
  • Small bowls to measure ingredients into
  • A good digital scale that weighs 1 gram increments
  • Spoon to mix

Before you start, make sure your work surfaces and equipment are clean, wash your hands well, and keep pets and children away from your work area as much as possible.


Cold pressed Rosehip oil   6g
Cold pressed Apricot Kernel or Almond oil     4g
Frankincense essential oil     1 drop
Lavender essential oil     1 drop



Measure out each oil into a separate container. Add 1 drop of each essential oil, or 2 drops of just one of the essential oils. (For the face, I always recommend a very low dosage of essential oils, as the skin can be sensitive.) Now stir well to mix all ingredients evenly.

Combine into your 10ml pipette bottle and firmly screw in the pipette until the anti-tamper ring engages. You are now ready to anoint yourself with your Magical Rosehip Serum!

To use

Place 4 drops onto the back of your hand, and with the fingertips of the other hand gently apply the serum with smooth upward and circular strokes to the face and neck. You can use serum alone, or as a primer under day or night cream, or make up.

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