Health Benefits

Why make your own skin products, and the health benefits you'll enjoy from using natural, pure and wholesome ingredients.

Why Make Natural Skincare Products?

The skin, our second largest organ after the fascia system, is vitally important to our health. When we’re unwell, it shows in our skin immediately. When our skin is unwell or out of balance, it can’t perform its job of protecting and hydrating us effectively and this has a knock on effect on our whole wellbeing.

Up to 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed by it. Unlike food, which is filtered by our protective stomach acids, skin products enter our bloodstream unfiltered. Our blood transports all those ingredients around our bodies, so doesn’t it make sense to know what those ingredients are and be aware of what benefits (as well as risks) they pose for us? It’s easy to find out how! Come on a Mollie’s Coddles workshop to learn how to make fabulous natural products that are good enough to eat, and also gain some tips on what to avoid when purchasing over the counter products.

The Health Benefits of Natural Skincare

We’re all aware of the disadvantages of processed food, despite its apparent convenience, but have you thought in the same way about the food you put on your skin? A pot of cream from the chemist might be convenient too, but long shelf life is obtained through an array of preservatives, and the creamy consistency may well be developed through use of many chemicals foreign to our bodies such as binding agents (phthalates), thickeners, stabilizers and penetration enhancers (PEGs).

What else is in commercial creams and lotions? Well, most commercial creams are based, due to its cheapness, on mineral oil , deriving from the petroleum industry. Mineral oil is not absorbed by the skin but coats it with an unbreathing layer of oil that prevents elimination of toxins or absorption of oxygen. It has no beneficial ingredients at all. There are so many gorgeous alternatives to mineral oil that are easily obtained and very affordable. You can learn in just one day's workshop to choose and use a range of natural oils and butters that really feed your skin, and that give it the nurturing care it needs.

Does It Cost a Lot?

Making your own skincare is actually great value for money. It's possible to make very good quality products for only a small outlay. Aiming for that good quality is really worthwhile, because your skin can tell the difference! Bear in mind the old adage 'there is no better hiding place for poor quality than behind a cheap price', and read the label to check for mineral oil and chemicals!