Skincare Workshops

Practical and hands-on one day and half day sessions to introduce you to the basics of making skincare products for body and face.

Mollie's Coddles Workshop


At a Mollie's Coddles Natural Beauty Skincare workshop, you'll learn how to make your own skincare products using natural, wholesome and pure ingredients, enjoying a fun and practical, hands-on experience.

Wouldn’t it be good to know exactly what you’re putting on your skin? Most of us have grown up using skin creams and lotions from bottles and tubes. In fact it may never have crossed our minds that we can craft our skincare but in fact it’s easy to do and great fun too. Most importantly it puts you in the driving seat as the expert in caring for your skin naturally.

Learning more about ingredients and products will give you confidence to care for your skin in ways that are kind to your body and to the environment. Our workshops take you through an introduction to natural ingredients and their benefits. We guide you step by step in making a selection of nutrition-packed and delicious skin foods such as face masks, cleansers, lip balms, body butters, creams, lotion bars and more.

And all in the comfort of well-paced, expertly-run sessions in a small group, where you can ask questions and get attentive and supportive tuition.

What Our Students Say

"It feels amazing to use a skin cream I made myself and I know exactly what’s in it!" "Wendy is a brilliant teacher. Her enthusiasm, skill and knowledge shine through."
Juliette A

"Would highly recommend. A thoroughly absorbing and enjoyable workshop"
Sarah L

"The experience was even better than my expectations"

"A treat for the senses - fun, fun, fun!!"
Pat C

"Fantastic value for money. I came away with a generous array of products that would have cost me a fortune in the shops."
Linda P

"A real luxury of a day, I felt pampered from start to finish." "It's given me the confidence to try making my own products at home"
Sandy Mc